Manufacturing and Production

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Manufacturing & Production

Why Choose IR Apparel & Accessories for your manufacturing and production?

IR Apparel & Accessories offers full-service private label manufacturing you can trust to help your business successfully manufacture and distribute quality, sustainable products.

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2 Production Units

  • 28 Sampling Machines
  • 450 machines with a monthly production capacity of 3,50,000 pieces a month.
  • Team of 630 skilled members
  • In-house Digital Printing on any Fabric (DURST Alpha from Italy)

We Care For Our Team

Clothing Factories You Can Trust.

IR Apparel & Accessories factories in garment manufacturing are regularly inspected for:

  • Safe, Clean, Family-First Working Environments
  • Fair Labor Practices and Education Opportunities
  • Housing and Micro-Loans
  • Eco-Friendly Practices, such as face masks.
  • Routine Machinery Safety Inspection

We Care About Quality

Each Garment is individually inspected

Our production line inspects each garment before, during, and after production, with our patented quality control and assurance program:

  • Raw Material and Textile Quality Control
  • Individual Inspection during Cutting
  • Regular Inspection during Sewing and Production
  • Post Production Quality Control
  • Individual Garment Inspection: 17 Point Quality Control Points

We Protect Your Brand

We work hard to protect your Brand and your Intellectual Property (IP).

IR Apparel & Accessories factories have unique security features to protect:

  • Your Designs are Protected
  • We do not Share Patterns
  • We protect and separate all client's Intellectual Property
  • We offer strong Confidentiality Agreements

World Class Logistics

Need assistance shipping your products into or out of the India? Don’t sweat. With over 11 years of experience in logistics, our team makes your life easy by providing the option to have your garments and production delivered to your door.

  • IR Apparel Now Guarantees On-Time Delivery
  • Excellence in Packaging and Delivery for your distribution center or home office.
  • No Hassle Import and Export across the board
  • Team Up with Our Large Volume to Minimize your Shipping Costs

Safe Payment Practices

Afraid you’re going to receive a product that is not what you paid for? Unsure how to get your payment abroad safely? We’ll oversee your Letter of Credit and payment needs, protecting you from wrongfully losing money!

  • Safe Payment
  • Affordable Letter of Credit
  • Safe Receipts & Confirmation

Questions? Contact IR Apparel & Accessories Today! We’d love to speak with you.